Chris Evans Personal Trainer Secrets Revealed

Looking like Chris Evans is the envy of many gym addicts nowadays. Many people want to know the official Chris Evans Workout routine and diet that he used to prepare for the Fantastic Four movies, Captain America, The Avengers, Cellular, The Losers and Many other blockbusters.

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He has a high level of Physical fitness shown by the big chest, the chiseled arms, and ripped abs. You have to be Extremely dedicated to work hard. Face it, working out and following this kind of routine is hard work! Over the past few years as Chris Evans has gained popularity there has been a huge increase in those asking for Chris Evans Workout, across many workout forums around the internet and countless google searches.

Multiple places have posted workouts claiming to be his exact workout routine that will give you cut Abs, jaw dropping arms and so on….

The fact is many of them, are COMPLETELY FALSE!!

Personal trainers to the stars spend millions to keep this secrets from the general public.

The guide i am recommending you is the ONLY one that is as close to the exact routine and diet he uses. Simon Waterson who is Chris Evans Captain America personal trainer and nutritionist says you must eat to your body type and follow that up with the correct workouts for your muscle/body composition. Everyone will try and claim you can have ripped Abs, be in super hero shape in 30 days, blah blah blah…  While others say you can’t.  All you can do is work hard and follow the correct information from the right people.

We cant all afford high end celebrity personal trainers but you can learn all the same information and more from the few celeb trainers that are willing to reveal their secrets.

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REMEMBER if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, well then it’s a dog!

Don’t fall prey to false claims and crap information! This is your body after all so do what is right for it from the beginning!

Chris Evans Workout Secrets

Celebrities have an unfair advantage when it comes to health and fitness!

Its not true however that all celebrities like Chris Evans workout every waking moment of the day to get in phenomenal shape for their next block buster.

Sure they have expensive high end nutritionists and personal trainers and have all the time in the world to do what they want when they want. All the while the normal working Joe is at his 9-5 job 40 hours a week with little time to hit the gym or exercise.

It is actually easier than you think to copy Chris Evans workout in order achieve a similar body type. It doesn’t take hours in the gym to do it either. It comes down to only a few simple things and avoiding the three major lies about gaining lean muscle fast.

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You first must follow a solid training regime based on high-weight/low-rep sets combined with a proper diet designed for your specific body type!!

Eating to your body type is the key to gaining pounds of lean muscle. Chris Evans workout consisted of this diet and exercise regimen.

This is what celebrity trainer Simon Waterson mapped out for Chris Evans Captain America workout as stated in a Mens Fitness UK interview.

classic compound lifts, specifically squats, dead lifts, incline bench presses and weighted dips and chin-ups. He also did a lot of body weight moves and included some plyometrics to fire up his fast-twitch muscle fibers, such as squat to box jumps.

Chris‘ Leg exercise alone was this as a warm up set then did 3 sets of 6-8 reps then at his 8th rep he would max out.

1 Squat
2 Lunge
3 Leg press
4 Calf raise
5 Hamstring curl



Bowl of oatmeal with dark berries and walnuts

Morning snack

Protein shake and 5g BCAA

Pre-workout snack

Apple with almonds

Post-workout snack

Protein shake and 5g BCAA

20min later

Chicken salad with brown basmati rice

Afternoon snack

Protein shake


Lean protein, such as fish, chicken or beef, with vegetables. No starchy carbs.

As you can see Chris Evans workout wasn’t easy by any means. He had done a lot of training and weightlifting prior to taking on the roll as Captain America but he like many actors have only focused manly on the vanity muscles of the chest abs and arms. Becoming Captain America meant Chris Evans workout would need to take a serious overhaul.

Chris quickly began to realize that he needed to focus more on the back muscles and core combined with a solid balance of lower body exercises as well.

Chris Evans Captain America workout did not consist of supplements at all!

It purely consisted of eating the right amount of the right foods at the right time and doing the right exercises at the right time. You can workout all day long but what few people know is that the most important time is when your not at the gym. When your not at the gym you need to be fueling your body with what it needs. Its when your not at the gym that your muscles are actually growing and recovering

Its hard to know what exactly to eat, how to workout, and when you should workout right?

It does however make a massive difference.

The secrets to looking like Captain America and many other celebrities has been hidden behind multi-million dollar supplement campaigns and incorrect old school approaches to body building.

Captain America Workout Routine

If you have seen the Captain America film it isn’t hard to realize the personal trainer that put the Captain America workout routine together did so only with the intentions of packing pounds of lean muscle onto Chris Evans only to mold his physique into the super hero many of us grew up loving.

Thats not to say Chris was in bad shape before he took the roll as Captain America. He has always been a very fit man when ever we have seen him in other movies. Before taking on his latest super hero persona he has always maintained a very lean athletic look.

If your a Comic fan then you know Steven Rogers isn’t just a lean Athlete. So what exactly did Chris Evans Captain America workout consist of that allowed him to seriously bulk up to take on this part?

It wasn’t steroids!

It was simply just following a strict regulated diet combined with an intense workout regimen.

Sounds way to easy and old fashion right?

Well Chris Evans Captain America workout consisted of much more than just eating right and working out. I eat pretty well myself and workout and i look nothing like he does in the movie!

The true secret most people don’t know is that everyones body is different. We all burn calories at a different pace and eating 10 twinkies might not make you gain a single pound but i may gain 2. Knowing this secret is the real key to getting massive results like Chris did in the film. This kind of diet and exercise is known as an anabolic exercise routine.

Chris’ body type made becoming Captain America a very hard task for him. He ate plain chicken/turkey breast daily, rice, gallons of water and lots of wheats and grains. This was his primary diet eating nothing but these foods 4 and 5 times a day. Eating 5 meals a day and being able to look the way he does in this film sounds pretty great right? Unfortunately eating like this doesn’t give you the same satisfaction you get from eating a double cheese burger.

In order to keep up with the intense workouts your body has to consume massive amounts of food because you are burning so many calories.

The Captain America workout consisted of a lot of weight lifting and body building type exercises. Chris is a pretty athletic guy so in order to bulk him up Chris Evans personal trainer made him stop running his dog and just stay in the gym lifting weights.

I read that he nearly doubled his bench after becoming Captain America!

Chris Evans workout and dedication to becoming the character of Steven Rogers aka Captain America really shows in the film and in The Avengers. They have 6 movies scheduled for the Captain America series including the Avengers so Chris Evans workout I am sure will keep him plenty busy in between films!

Chris Evans talking about his workout routine in Captain America

I recently came across this video of Chris talking about the stresses he went though in order to gain the physique he needed to take on his new role.

It is a great video to see an average guy talk about what it really takes. From my research I have found that for many rolls he kind of slacks off eats junk then in about 4-8 weeks time he is able to get in extraordinary shape holistically. He does use some supplements but when it comes down to it, Its dedication and will that makes it happen.

Check out this video